Welcome to Prude Awakening, the approved fanlisting of the energetic and addicting opening theme "Silly-Go-Round" from the anime, .hack//ROOTS. This fanlisting is approved from both and If you are a fan of this song, please think about joining and enjoy your stay. There shouldn't be any spoilers, so feel free to view through the site.

The entire fanlisting has now been kindly adopted from the wonderful Jae whom who adopted it from Courtney, the true founder of the fanlisting. Much thanks to both of them for letting me run this fanlisting.

What is a fanlisting? A fanlisting is a grouping of fans of a particular series, item, or pratically anything of the matter. They don't cost anything and their purpose is simply for fun. However, some guidelines should be followed. Read the rules for more info.

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~ Varen


Script: Enthusiast
Opened: July 5, 2007
Last updated: 17th April 2014
Members: 35 (+ 0 pending)
Newest members: Rachel

January 5, 2007
Fanlisting has been revamped, using images based on the music video of the song. Much more view-friendly. Brushes and textures used were from Existention.


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